5 Tips for Finding Life Insurance as a Former Cancer Patient!

Cancer survivors have difficulties in getting coverage. However, the chances are not zero and you should follow 5 tips for finding life insurance as a former cancer patient.  Most likely, you are eligible for life insurance without medical exams:

Couple-Financial-Planning21)     Apply as soon as you find out that cancer is in remission.  Remission is the term used by the medics and physicians to refer for the absence of the activity of disease. However, in case of cancer, there is always the chance of reoccurrence. So, you should apply while you still get the chance.  Only former cancer patients can apply for certain policies.

You should know that companies selling standard policies do not accept former cancer patients until 2 or 3 years since they recovered. A former cancer patient will have more chances of getting immediate coverage if he/she applies for no medical exam life insurance.

2)     Gather all relevant documents. The medical history of the applicant has a huge role in determining the eligibility and rates. The company will need to know what type of cancer a person had and how early or advanced it was.  Some companies will ask for your permission in order to write to the medics that treated you and ask for more medical details that could affect the policy.

3)     Search for online communities of former cancer patients. People like to share their experiences and bond connections with people in similar situations. It should be easy to find online blogs of former cancer patients or whole communities. See if there are any topics related to life insurance.  If not, you can start a new one.

4)     Speak with a life insurance broker. Brokers are knowledgeable people and they can analyze your case and determine your chances of getting life insurance.  They will give proper counseling and will tell you what companies and policies to select.

5)     Use life insurance quotes. Online quotes will help you compare prices and make an informed decision.

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